The San Marzano tomato is a type of plum tomato, and it’s longer and thinner than the typical plum tomato and have fewer seeds. These tomatoes are famed for their balanced flavor that combines sweetness, tomatoey intensity and just the right amount of acid. San Marzano tomatoes are widely recognized by top chefs, foodies, Italian cooks and food aficionados as the gold standard for taste. The versatility of the San Marzano Tomato is almost limitless. We suggest starting out by creating your basic “San Marzano Marinara” sauce. Beyond sauce, the sweetness of a whole plum San Marzanos combined with fresh mozzarella will lend itself perfectly for a traditional Margherita Pizza. Baked pasta, soups, and seafood this tomato is a fine addition and will give your dishes that extra authenticity you’ve been searching for.


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